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b. ~18441
d. 18992
b. ~18614
d. 18995

Their children were:

A- Thomas GEOGHEGAN was born abt. 1878 and died ~26 Jan 1880 at Geelong, Victoria (VRN 1377). Note: Vic BDM indicates he died at 17 - I take this to be months as the date of death is only 4 years after his parents marriage. This is confirmed at Geelong Cemetery Trust.
B- Mary GEOGHEGAN (possible twin of above) was born abt. 1878 and died 1882 at Richmond, Victoria (VRN 3132). Note: Vic BDM indicates she died at 4 - I took this to be years. If it was 4 months she could have been a twin of Ellen.
C- Richard Thomas GEOGHEGAN was born 1880 at Geelong, Victoria (VRN 16097) and died ~4 Jul 1956 at Geelong, Victoria (VRN 20836).
D- Ellen GEOGHEGAN was born 1882 at Geelong, Victoria (VRN 2994) and died ~26 Dec 1897 at Geelong, Victoria (VRN 12856).
E- Joseph GEOGHEGAN was born 1883 at Geelong, Victoria (VRN 16949) and died 1953 at Ballarat, Victoria (VRN 17887).
F- Hannah GEOGHEGAN was born 1884 at Geelong, Victoria (VRN 24732) and died ~13 Jul 1895 at Geelong, Victoria (VRN 9360).
G- Charles GEOGHEGAN was born 1887 at Geelong, Victoria (VRN 3474) and died ~31 Dec 1888 at Geelong, Victoria (VRN 1657).
H- Michael GEOGHEGAN was born 1888 at Geelong, Victoria (VRN 3298).
I- Mary Ann GEOGHEGAN was born 1890 at Geelong, Victoria (VRN 3959) and died 1906 at Richmond, Victoria (VRN 14645).
J- Thomas Joseph GEOGHEGAN (twin of above) was born 1890 at Geelong, Victoria (VRN 3958) and died 1936 at Bendigo, Victoria (VRN 13302). He married Nellie Rosamond WEARNE 28 Nov 1912 (VRN 9846). She was born 20 Dec 1895 and died 24 Apr 1987.
  1- Stanley Norman GEOGHEGAN6 was born 7 Jul 1913 and died 5 Mar 1944. Married Emily Ada Blanche PATTINSON7 on 26 Dec 1936. She was born 11 Aug 1912 and died 12 Aug 1976 at Bendigo, Victoria G/N44464 (VRN 23020).
    a- Pamela Blanche GEOGHEGAN was born 30 Dec 1938. Married Geoffrey Frederick WOOTTON on 9 Dec 1961 at St.Paul's Anglican Church, Bendigo, Victoria. He was born 1935 and died in 1966.She later married Maxwell Austen BROWNE on 17 Sep 1975 at St.Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Bendigo, Victoria. He was born ~1935.
      i- Dianne Pamela WOOTTON was born 17 Oct 1962 in Bendigo, Victoria. She married Leslie Dale CAIN on 15 Nov 1986 at Williamstown, Victoria.
      ii- Cheryl Joy WOOTTON was born 29 Dec 1964 in Bendigo, Victoria.
  2- John Thomas GEOGHEGAN was born 19 Sep 1916 at Bendigo, Victoria and died on active service on 4 Apr 1944 in England. He married Jean BUTTERWORTH in the 3rd quarter of 1943 (GRO Aled 11b 678). She was born ~1920 and died ~1981. She later married Cecil William Carlisle ALLOTT.
    a- John GEOGHEGAN.
    b- Beverley GEOGHEGAN.
  3- Nellie Mae GEOGHEGAN was born 22 Oct 1924 at Geelong, Victoria.
    a- Lynette COOK married Terry STOKES.
    b- Judith COOK married Dennis SULLIVAN.
    c- Russell COOK married Faye STACEY.

1. The birth and death dates for Richard & Ellen are risky but possible. Certificates would likely clear things up. Date is derived from Note 2. He was born in Ireland according to marriage entry.
2. There is a good chance this date is solid as a Richard GEOGHEGAN died at Geelong in 1899 aged 55, with parents Thomas and Hannah (VRN 1767) - both names appear in the next generation.
3. VRN 2952. He would have been 32 and she 15 or 16!
4. Date derived from Note 5.
5. There was an Ellen GEOGHEGAN died 1899 aged 38 at Geelong, Victoria (VRN 5886).
6. These generations mainly from Outline Descendant Report.pdf (link no longer working)
7. Sister of Amy Beryl PATTINSON, Cecil Allott's first wife. Emily Ada Blanch GEOGHEGAN later married William Arthur NORMAN who died ~17 Feb 1975 and is buried at Bendigo, Victoria G/N44464.

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